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Welcome To The Hainan Free Trade Port

Your Gateway
to the Chinese Market & the World

Welcome To The Hainan Free Trade Port

Your Gateway
to the Chinese Market & the World

What is the Hainan Free Trade Port?

Hainan is the most southern province in China and has a size comparable to Belgium. China has designated that the whole province Hainan, halfway between Hong Kong and Singapore, to become a Free Trade Port.

Import and export duties will be reduced to zero, businesses and individuals receive generous tax breaks (max. tax rate of 15%). The visa-free policy is extended step by step to more and more countries.

Many industries enjoy preferential policies like tourism & medicine, logistics, aviation, shipping, telecommunications, finance, …

That and much more will make Hainan your ideal investment destination in Asia.

About Me

I am Sebastian

and I bring companies and people together. I support foreign companies and foreigners in Hainan to find trustworthy and reliable partners and contacts.

Since 2014 I am constantly on the move between Haikou, Hainan, and my hometown Berlin, Germany.
I did my MBA at Humboldt University in Berlin, studied in Belarus, Russia, and China, where I did my Master in Tourism Management.

I speak German, English, Russian and Chinese. My hobbies are coffee and learning everything about learning-strategies.

Sebastian Hahn accessible Hainan

What Do I Offer?

Personal business relationships and recommendations from friends are enormously important here in China. More important than in many other Western countries.

Also, it is often impossible for Westerners to assess the seriousness or reliability of business partners.

I started my own consulting and education company on Hainan on my own, without the help of agencies. It was not easy, but I learned a lot. Since then I also got many valuable contacts on Hainan, which are of enormous benefit not only for me but can be also for you.

reliable and trustworthy Chinese partners

I support you to find trustworthy and reliable Chinese partners on Hainan. Be it an accountant or a lawyer or whatever you need. I will only refer you to companies or business partners I know personally and whose work I am convinced of.

I will visit your business partners in China and inspect your partners business facilities according to your needs. That will give you more information – crucial information for future negotiations.

Partners & Friends

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